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Facial treatments are individually customized to address your specific skin conditions. 

At Glazer Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, we believe facial treatments are a valuable part of maintaining healthy skin for a lifetime. Facial treatments are individually customized to address your specific skin conditions. As we know, a leading cause of skin inflammation and premature aging is stress. As we slow the aging process, we also have an opportunity to slow the body and the mind. This is a time to discuss home care products and lifestyle choices that may be affecting the appearance of our skin. All of our facial treatments utilize advanced clinical masks and products.

ADVANCED VITAMIN SKIN THERAPY FACIALS – This in-depth 50 minute treatment focuses on the individual needs of the client. Stacey will provide a through consultation to help decide which treatment is best. Facials provide an ongoing maintenance of healthy skin and are recommended on a routine basis.

VITAMIN C PEEL - This superb treatment infuses the skin with Vitamin C to improve signs of sun damage. Powerful anti-oxidants help re-establish the skins’ clarity and repair the look of damage done by time and the elements. Skin will appear firmer, brighter, and more radiant.

HYDRATING FACIAL - This treatment was formulated to soothe and hydrate impaired skin conditions. Oat milk, an excellent humectant, is also a potent antioxidant that effectively manages dry or sensitive skin conditions. This treatment alleviates inflammation and improves the overall integrity of the skin.

REVITALIZING FACIAL - This results-oriented therapeutic treatment is appropriate for all skin types and conditions. The combination of papaya puree and additional fruit extracts brighten a dull complexion and effectively reduces hyperkeratinized cells, leaving the skin with a healthy glow.

CLARIFYING FACIAL - Formulated with the acne patient in mind, this treatment is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to effectively clear and prevent breakouts. Salicylic acid, an effective keratolytic, is used to address the four main causes of acne. A maintenance schedule, along with home care products, is recommended.

RE-TEXTURIZING FACIAL - This nutritive treatment addresses thick, resilient skin with acne, sun damage, or hyperkeratolytic build up. A host of antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients address a rough-textured skin leaving a healthy complexion following treatment.

OXYGEN PEEL 3-STEP PROCESS - This antioxidant therapy corrects and prevents free radical damage, as oxidative and environmental stress is one of the more significant contributors to the aging process. This treatment helps stimulate cutaneous oxygenation and circulation, rejuvenating sluggish or stressed skin as it draws oxygen to the skin’s surface.

TEEN FACIAL - Teen facials focus on purifying the skin, extracting impurities and educating the teenager on healthy skin practices. Ages 12 and up.