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Let's Talk : Smart Choices For Beautiful Winter Skin


To Help You Look As Good As You Feel This Winter

Stay consistent with our skin care, like daily use of Obagi %15 Vitamin C Serum, along with a few tips from our pro and you will have your skin glowing all season long.

Tips From the Pro

1.  Intensify your regular skin regimen with "smart" ingredients like this Environ Avance DPF Triple Peptide Cream along with Hydrating Oil Capsules to help environmentally stressed skin. 

2.  Light exfoliation aids in removing dead, dry skin cells so your moisturizer can actually moisturize, rather than sitting on top of built-up cells. Chemical peels are great for facial dullness, and the Environ Body Kit is a must for dry, flaky skin of the arms and legs. 

3.  Reduce the duration and temperature of your shower (no matter how good it feels!) Cleansers and hot water can strip your natural oils, leading to skin dehydration.

4.  Don't let winter scare you away from nature's beauty! Our body, and our skin, still needs healthy doses of Vitamin D - and our Indiana Dunes are great for hiking this time of year. So grab your family, layer up - don't forget your moisturizing sunscreen - and enjoy!