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How Does Dysport Work?

The first signs of aging become noticeable between age 25-30. This is the best time to begin proactive measures to prevent the aging process as its occurring, and keep our faces looking fresh and youthful.

4 Reasons Why DYSPORT
1. Not only is Dysport corrective, it also prevents against future wrinkles

2. Smoothes forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and between the brow lines for 3-4 months
3. Dysport is completely safe and FDA approved

4. The injections are not painful and cause no downtime. (See the video below to watch our esthetician, Stacey, receive her 4 month Dysport injection.)

How does Dysport Work?
The wrinkles on your face are caused by repeated facial expressions thatbegin to crease the skin and the underlying muscles.

Dysport works by decreasing the “communication” between the brain and the muscles that create unwanted lines.

not painful, no downtime

Watch this short video to see our esthetician, Stacey, receive her 4 month Dysport injection.