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Increase your Confidence & your Hairline with NeoGraft­™

Hereditary hair loss is a medical condition that affects 80 million American women and men, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Along with hair loss, we often shed our self-confidence as our strands fall to the bathroom sink and floor. As a society, we associate voluminous hair with youth, health, and beauty. Therefore, for many, the reaction to thinning hair can be viewed as a negative.

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At Glazer Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, we are excited to offer a significant game-changing technology in hair restoration.  Our patients have the option of the NeoGraft procedure with Dr. Chad Glazer, a hair restoration expert, to rebuild their hairline and their self-confidence. NeoGraft is ideal for both men and women of different ages, races, and hair types. This technology offers distinct advantages over traditional methods of hair restoration. 

A major benefit of the NeoGraft hair transplant system is that it does not create a large linear scar. Instead of using a scalpel, NeoGraft uses an FDA-cleared air-pressure/suction-based system to extract individual follicular units to be used for hair transplantation. This makes NeoGraft far less invasive than the traditional strip method of harvesting. No more large scars on the back of the scalp from ear to ear. NeoGraft patients are also able to return to work or other activities very quickly as there is minimal downtime. Without a large incision, the healing time is the fastest for hair restoration treatments. All of these benefits make NeoGraft far superior to previous methods of hair restoration.

With NeoGraft, we can treat a large area in one session in the office, making it very convenient for patient scheduling. The NeoGraft FUE System (Follicular-Unit Extraction) can also be used for hiding linear scars for patients who have had traditional hair transplant procedures. Finally, it’s your hair! NeoGraft uses your own hair to give you a natural, long lasting result. While hair loss or thinning can seem devastating, there are steps you can take to determine your options. Knowledge is the key to understanding hair loss.  Take your first step today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Chad Glazer, with Indiana offices in Chesterton and Michigan City for your convenience. This month only we’re offering free Laser Hair Removal treatments with your NeoGraft purchase, for hair in all the right places. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on Glazer Facial news, events, and specials.